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If you use word press for any website then this is the plug-in that you need.  Project Supremacy is a revolutionary plug-in that combines so many factors into an easy usable product for anyone to use be you a developer to just a small business owner.

The Purpose of the Project Supremacy app is total and complete SEO optimization for your website.  Once installed and completely filled out and optimized it is guaranteed to get your site ranking much higher then EVER before.   Herc Magnus and Todd spears are the creators of Project Supremacy, they are both SEO experts and have made so many websites and mastered the SEO game that they knew there had to be an easier way for on page optimization that Google would absolutely love and rank their sites higher then anyone else’s without all the grueling leg work they were having to put in.

This product takes all of their hard earned lessons that would take tons of effort and time researching and entering in data into one easy to plug-in.   In this article I am going to cover Semantic Mark up and structured data aspect   Search engines are not advanced enough to understand what some pages are about.  They are still struggling to understand what the content means.  The old way of doing things was to stuff as many keywords in as possible but that doesn’t work anymore.  You were trying to just pack as much in there and hope the search engine correlated what your page was about to all those keywords.

Semantic mark up is like the terminator – when Arnold looks at an object his eyes analyze what ever he is looking at by scanning it and relay to him exactly what that thing is.  Semantic Mark Up will literally know exactly what it is that your website is about and Google will rank you better for that.   The move from document style information to data is the underlying principle to the semantic web vision. Documents can only be read, when we create a website it hosts a selection of webpages on it.  These documents are hard to reuse, you cannot pull them apart without dismantling them completely. Data is separately explained and can then can be dissembled  replaced, reorganized, or reconstructed in all the ways you can imagine.

Data doesn’t need to be consistently clustered into an unmoveable brick like a document. So What is Semantic SEO Providing open, structured data in order to increase search visibility by helping connect users with information that they want and need The Future of Web Ranking Why do search engines value links?  They value links because they think that the link produces something with trust and authority.  They need a way to cipher which brands and websites are authorities. So then we build links, the quality and quantity of where our links point, impact where and how we show up in organic searches.   This is the only reason that links are valuable!     Links will more then likely always be important, but in the future it will be only one aspect alongside data generation.  How great would it be for your website if Google could reference your data from its knowledge graph.  The quality of your data is the indicator of trust and authority rather then the links.

Semantic SEO: the Final Frontier

Semantic markup is an outstanding tool, which allows the possibility of harnessing the power of data that your site already has by providing it structure and meaning. This is the future, the final frontier.  But we also live in a time where being their first is everything, who ever gets there first reaps the glory.  It’s time to forge the path ahead first and make sure you are one of the pioneers.

Watch their new videos here and learn even more!